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The Anti-Gift Guide. Things that aren't things.

Hello generous gift givers,

With everyone putting out gift guides this time of the year (us included), I decided to combat the consumer mindset and make a list of things you can gift this year that aren't things. It's a very common (and accepted) way to show love this time of the year with things. Mounds and mounds of things.

Shops are full of things and people trying to buy those things. Roads are full of people trying to get to the shops to buy the things. And if you do buy things, then I 100% recommend going local or small business shopping this year. But there IS more to it all than just buying things.

Moving Fucking Sucks

Hello all!

So! You want to move across town, but you only have one weekend, one helper, and a small uhaul truck? Well I'm here to coach you through it!!!

When I bought my house, I only had 3 days before I had to be out of my apartment. It was a stressful, hot, and painful 3 days, but I got it done. Now I (hopefully) won't have to do it again for a while!!!

ANYWAY! Here are 3 things I did (mostly) right: