THE END: Top 21 VSCO Cam Presets: The Ultimate Round-Up

Here we are for the final final installment of the VSCO Cam Guide. It's been a trip, but there's finally the light at the end of the tunnel. 

For this roundup, I entered every preset into a bracket style, single elimination, head to head showdown.

I separated them into 5 general categories.
Black and White: All the black and white presets.
Extreme: Those that were on the extreme side of the cool or warm scale.
Cool: Cool filters, with blue or purple over tones.
Warm: Warm filters, with yellow or red over tones.
Neutral: Those that balance both cool and warm tones without being too distracting.

I then narrowed it down to the top 3 B&W, and Extreme, and the top 5 Cool, Warm, and Neutral. This was mostly done by gut reaction and first impressions. Also, these are my personal favorites, but I tried to include a variety of tastes. Consider this my top 20% of the 100+ presets available (at the time of writing). 

Without further adieu, the top 21 VSCO Cam presets!

PART TEN: The Alchemy Collection

Well students, here we are, at the end of our journey together. POP QUIZ! Just kidding. 

Today brings the final part, part ten of the VSCO Cam series. The latest addition to the VSCO Cam collection, released in April 2015. The Alchemy Collection includes 10 new presets, Q1-10, for $3 from the in-app VSCO Cam store. 

The Alchemy Collection incorporates a wide range of Cross Processed looks. An experimental technique in which films are developed in an alternative chemical solution, Cross Processing often creates dramatic color shifts and high contrast. The Alchemy Collection emulates this technique and features rich vibrancies balanced by refined tones, making this pack ideal for lifestyle photography, stylized portraiture, and strong statement images. - VSCO

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On to the presets!