I believe concrete can break the rules of jewelry. 

Little Eli is a design studio dedicated to experimentation and honesty. Through one-of-a-kind concrete jewelry, Amelia seeks to inspire you to defy the rules and fuck the molds. Amelia is different from other concrete jewelry designers because she don't use molds in her process, instead each and every design is unique and expressive. After all, you aren't a copy, so why should your jewelry be?


plus it's the perfect shade of gray

Little Eli makes jewelry for defiant creatives on the lookout for new ideas and honest, no-bullshit perspectives. For women who are open to experimentation and who aren't afraid to speak passionately about their truths. For professionals still discovering who they are. You don't want a cheerleader, you want an honest friend. You want to be reminded that rules are fucking stupid.

Ideally, you believe in experimenting and pushing boundaries but worry about losing your bearings, getting swept up in the crowd, and blending in. You're happiest when you're playing around with something new. 




No one knows what's going on.

Everyone is making it up as they go.

You don’t have to fit into anyone else's mold.  



i'm amelia rusbar

My mission with Little Eli is to design jewelry that inspires women to see that there are no rules. I've built my life among broken rules and defied expectations and it's resulted in something that is uniquely mine, and I want the same for you.

The rules are totally made up.
No one has any idea what's going on.
You can do what you want.