you could call me a "hobby collector"

Hey there, I'm Eli and I make things. You've found my website & my little creative home. Welcome!

It all started with a passion for travel and a fledgling jewelry business. Then I picked up a brush and fell in love with lettering and watercolor sketching. Recently, I inherited a pre-ww2, large format camera from my Grandparents, so I became engrossed in restoring vintage cameras, processing my own film, and photography in general.

I love rum and Louisiana has an amazing variety of local rums, so I find time to drink and write about that too.

And I'm currently on the lookout for a van to convert for long weekend road trips around the country.

So yeah, you could call me a hobby collector. 


My mission Eli Makes Things is to share my varied interests, and to inspire you to see that there are no rules. You don't have to fit in one little box. You can have hobbies for hobbies sake. You can change your mind. You can pivot to new ideas. You can change yourself a hundred times over. I've built my life among broken rules and defied expectations and it's resulted in something that is uniquely mine, and I want the same for you.

You can do what you want!