It's subtle. It's modern. It's versatile.
It's everything you want it to be.

Plus it's the perfect shade of gray.

Concrete is all around us and we look right past it. 

Concrete is the glue that holds our modern world together, and most people don't even notice. If you take the time to "stop and smell the concrete" you'd see it's magic and beauty too. It connects your driveway to the rest of the country. It connects your high-rise to every building on the block. It connects you to everyone you pass on the sidewalk.

My concrete jewelry is a wearable reminder that you are connected to the world around you.

I elevate this common and humble material, to serve as a reminder to us all, to stop and appreciate the magic around us.

Concrete connects us.

All of my products are handmade in my small Baton Rouge studio. Everything is hand-poured in small batches, sanded, polished, and sealed. So you know you are getting something magical and made to last.

I understand that concrete jewelry may be a totally new thing for you. All my jewelry comes with a 3-in-3 guarantee! Wear it for 3 months, and if you don't get at least 3 compliments on it, send it back for a full refund, no questions asked.

I also offer a 1 year warranty, so if it get's knocked off your vanity by an overly curious feline and your roomba takes it for a ride around the house, I got you covered.

some cool concrete facts:

  • Concrete is the second most consumed good in the world. (The first is water.)
  • The original use of concrete has been traced back to ancient Egypt.
  • Concrete comes from the latin word 'Concretus' which means: to grow together.