The Ultimate Guide to VSCO Cam Presets.

Hello mobile photo editors, instagram aficionados, and the selfie obsessed,

Today I'm introducing a series that's been on my mind for a while. It's all about my love of VSCO Cam! After I got tipped off to the VSCO Cam app (iOS or Android & FREE!) I immediately downloaded it, and within 10 minutes I had downloaded/bought all the presents because I am nothing if not a completionist. (Yes that IS a word, Google is wrong!)

This left me with an blight of overabundance. Having almost 100 presets to pick from was a nightmare! And I could never remember which preset I liked best. 

So I did what any sane and rational person would do. I tried out every. single. present. on 3 different photos! Resulting in 300+ images to wade through and (hopefully) help me narrow it down to my 10 favorite presents! (I'm not quite there yet, but I'm close!)

This series is what I wished existed on the internet but doesn't. It is a side by side comparison of each VSCO Cam present and why/what each does (that I can tell). I hope this helps some other obsessive's out there!

So go grab your device, and download some presets, cause its about to get cray cray in here.

UPDATE: I started the tag #vscocamwitheli so tag your edits with it because I want to check them out!
I would absolutely LOVE to see what you've been photographing!

PART ONE: The Freebies

PART TWO: Limited Edition Collection: Part 1

PART THREE: Limited Edition Collection: Part 2

PART FOUR: Limited Edition Collection: Part 3

PART FIVE: Contemporary Collection


PART SIX: Essence Collection

PART SEVEN: Minimalist Collection

PART EIGHT: Legacy Collection

PART NINE: Chromatic Collection

PART TEN: Alchemy Collection

THE END: Top 21 Presets. The Ultimate Preset Recap


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