PART ONE: The Freebies! The Ultimate Guide to VSCO Cam Presets.

PART ONE: The Freebies! The Ultimate Guide to VSCO Cam Presets.

The Ultimate VSCO Cam Guide - Part One: Freebies - Little Eli

Hello photo editing enthusiasts,

Welcome to the first part of a multi-part series breaking down all the wonderful VSCO Cam presets. Check out the intro and a breakdown of whats to come.

This is not sponsored in any way. I use VSCO Cam for all my mobile photo editing, and I think this resource needed to exist on the internet, so I made it. Simple as that. 

VSCO Cam is a wonderful, and in-depth photo editing app, even if you don't buy any of the filters! Today I'm talking about the 100% FREE Presets. There is also a whole slew of other features to help you edit images, including exposure, contrast, temperature, and skin tone. All of which are free features within the editing menu. The possibilities really are endless. 

Lets dive in! I hope you don't get tired of my face... :D

ABOVE: The Original Photos. Unedited. One for Skin Tone. One for Outdoor/Nature Shots. One for Color. All photos were taken outdoors, under neutral light with my Samsung Galaxy S3.

ABOVE: A4, A5, and A6. The Analog/Aesthetic Series. The only non-sponsored, free presets. 

A4: Ages and washes out. A slighly cool (temperature) filter for a "far away" feel.

A5: A very cool filter that brightens and makes warms pop.

A6: A clean filter that brightens and ups contrast. It does lose a bit of detail in the highlights and shadows, but a good general filter, that doesn't give photos too much of a distinct "personality".

ABOVE: HB1 and HB2. Sponsored by Hypebeast. Online Magazine and Men's Fashion Shop.

HB1: A cool filter with rosy undertones. Similar to A5 but higher exposure. 

HB2: I found it was good to skintones, retained and enhances colors, and generally brightens. Similar to A6 but has higher contrast. 

ABOVE: LV1, LV2, & LV3. Sponsored by Levi's. You know, the denim company. 

LV1: A filter that does what you usually do anyway to edit a photo. Tweaks the exposure, contrast, and saturation. Doesn't really mess with color hue or temperature. 

LV2: The only free black and white filter. Neutral overall, very true to tones. I usually up the contrast after applying as it can be a little flat. 

LV3: Starts to give photos a "personality". A good sepia-ish filter that doesn' go crazy with it.

ABOVE: SE1, SE2, & SE3. Sponsored by Street Etiquette. This series is definitely the grungiest and give the images a distinct feel and personality. (This set may only be available for android. IDK why. Anyway, its on my phone, but I couldn't find it on the iPad app. Tell me if I'm wrong.)

SE1: I feel like it gives the photo a "But wasn't that day awesome!?" attitude. It looks like its been sitting out by a window getting bleached by the sun, and I kinda dig it! Overall its a cool (temperature) filter that washes out & fades it's subject matter. 

SE2: The opposite of HB1. This is a very warm, and deep filter. No washing out here. Tones are very orange saturated. Think: old photo of your parents at a Halloween party from the early 80s.

SE3: A cooling and clean filter. I think it would offset any warm tones from under indoor/incandescent lighting. Similar to A6 and HB2.

UPDATE: I started the tag #vscocamwitheli.
So tag your edits with it because I want to check them out!
I would absolutely LOVE to see what you've been photographing!

There you have it! The first part in this multi-part series breaking down VSCO Cam Presets. Hope you enjoyed it! Head back to the intro, or continue on to Part 2: The Limited Edition Collection.

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The Ultimate Guide to VSCO Cam Presets.

The Ultimate Guide to VSCO Cam Presets.