New Year Revelations

New Year Revelations


Probably like a jillion other people, I've been thinking a lot about bettering myself and finally getting in shape and tAkInG mY bUsInEsS tO tHe NeXt LeVeL iN 2o15. (<<That's the way sarcasm looks on the internet, btw.)

Its day one, and I'm already kinda over all that.

I got a fitbit for christmas, so I've already started my new health and workout plan. (Why wait until the new year when you are motivated right NOW?) And yeah, we have some big plans for Eli in 2015. But that isn't what this is about.

This is about making the unusual resolution.

This is about ignoring. Yes. Flat out ignoring other people. And doing something JUST FOR YOU!

And not the "just-for-you" that will actually benefit others. This is the selfish kind of just-for-you. The just-for-you that other people may not even realize you are doing. But damnit YOU'RE GONNA DO IT! 

It's doing something, that is itself, the reward. 

I've decided that I want to become ambidextrous. That's my just-for-me resolution. It's not going to better anyone else in my life. It's not going to make business easier, or make me look better in a bikini, or feed the homeless. It's just for me. Only I get to enjoy the journey and the benefits. 

It's about personal growth, just for growth's sake. 

It's learning Spanish, just to watch day-time novellas on telemundo. 

It's getting really good at the harmonica, just because no one does that anymore.

It's taking an online class in astronomy, just because you think space is super rad.

So I say. Make the traditional resolutions. Make the bikini body, business growing, life affirming resolutions. But make one more, one just-for-you. 

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