The Anti-Gift Guide. Things that aren't things.

The Anti-Gift Guide via Little Eli

Hello generous gift givers,

With everyone putting out gift guides this time of the year (us included), I decided to combat the consumer mindset and make a list of things you can gift this year that aren't things. It's a very common (and accepted) way to show love this time of the year with things. Mounds and mounds of things.

Shops are full of things and people trying to buy those things. Roads are full of people trying to get to the shops to buy the things. And if you do buy things, then I 100% recommend going local or small business shopping this year. But there IS more to it all than just buying things.

5 things you can give that aren't things:

1. Experiences: One of my favorite gifts every year is a "night in a box" from my Abuelo & Abuela for a special night out. Its usually a gift card for a restaurant we don't normally visit, and a nice bottle of wine. Its perfect for a random, special, no-excuses, we're-getting-desert, dinner in their honor. Get them tickets to their favorite band, or play. Gift cards for dinners out, I think, are always a fantastic gift.

2. Knowledge: This one obviously depends on the person, but look into a Skillshare Membership. And if you know someone has a desire to cook or cha-cha, then search their area for restaurants with cooking classes, or a local dance studio that has couple's lessons and get them signed up! I think it's important that a gift is something they normally wouldn't get for themselves, so by-pass the standard gym membership for that 1-on-1 personal training session they would like but don't need

3. Consumables: OK so this is technically things, but its the best kind of things: things you can eat! Fancy chocolates, fancy wine, fancy cheeses. Put together a themed basket or something. And if someone close to you just moved (or is still living like they're in college) give them an upscale stock of the basics. Flavored salts, interesting condiments, and specialty cooking oils can go a long way.

4. Gift Cards: This one may seem like a cop-out but listen! Gift cards are like mini shopping sprees! A gift card doesn't have to say "I couldn't be bothered, so here's an errand." If someone is tight with money or puts other's needs before their own, but loooves Sephora or Anthro or B&N, give them a no worry, guilt-free day, to just enjoy their favorite place. Wandering the isles and not worrying about price tags might be just what they needed!

5. A Donation: Make a donation in someone's honor. If you know that they would appreciate you donating money to their favorite cause, then do it! Use this season of giving to benefit those who truly need help. Food banks and homeless shelters are hit the hardest in the cold weather. Saving the elephants is always in season. And making even the smallest donations to Charity: Water can change an entire village's life!

What are your favorite non-things to give?
What gifts mean the most to you?

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