Moving Fucking Sucks

Moving Fucking Sucks

There is no two ways about it. It sucks. No matter how prepared you are, it always fucking sucks.

It sucks even more when you need to move across town, you only have one weekend, one helper, and a small uhaul truck. Well I did just that, so hopefully this will make it suck less for you.

When I bought my house, I only had 3 days before I had to be out of my apartment. It was a stressful, hot, and painful 3 days, but I got it done.

Here are 3 things I did (mostly) right: 


Go through your closet and donate clothing. Put excess furniture by the curb or list on craigslist. Blah Blah Blah. You will hear all that anywhere. I suggest liberating yourself of EVERYTHING you do not absolutely LOOOVE... Instead of just getting rid of items you no longer use/want, get rid of items that aren't worth your time and energy.

Use this experience to channel your inner minimalist. Is that side table worth the effort to safely move it to your new home?

Think about it:

  • Pack it so it that one jiggly leg doesn't snap off.
  • Load it into the jenga puzzle that has become your uhaul truck.
  • Drive the truck across town for the 3rd time today.
  • Unload it in the middle of your new living room because oh my god how is this place already full of boxes.
  • Ok, yeah it would look good next to the guest bed... wait where is the bed frame? 
  • Shit the top got scratched. Ugh just put it against the wall for now.
  • And then it lives against the wall for the next 7 months until you have someone stay over and use the guest room, and by then you forgot about the scratch and now you don't haven enough time to fix it, and your guest says they didn't even notice, but you know they did, and this is just your life now.

So, was it really worth it in the first place? 

Maybe on Moving Day 1, it's worth it. We put in extra time and care into every item. The bed frame is lovingly wrapped in bubble wrap and gently placed into the uhaul beside our perfect mid century sofa and our grandmother's solid wood, dinning room table. 

But by Moving Day 3, everything seems to find itself in the dumpster. By that point, I was so mentally over owning things. How do I have so many cheap shitty lamps? Where did this shelf come from? Just, damnit... just put it in a box and I'll figure it out later.

Buy the right stuff.

This is when you gather your supplies! Sure, you could hunt down boxes from groceries and behind craft stores, but that's exhausting and you get all kinds of weirdly shaped boxes that don't stack well. OR you could just order boxes online from U-Haul for like $1 each and pick them up on the way home. I went with option 2. I spent like $20 on boxes. They were thick, the same size, had handle cutouts for easy carrying, and easy to stack. So to me it was a no-brainer. I recommend the "small" size boxes. They are roughly 16" square, and fit most anything, without getting too heavy.

Thick boxes that stack easily are going to be your best friend, spend the extra few bucks and enjoy it. 

This is also the part where you could buy color coded duck tape and labels and what not, but I was doing all the unloading myself, so just writing the room name on the box top was enough of a system for me.

Reserve a moving truck. 

Now, we need a vehicle to move all the things we didn't throw away. If you didn't listen to anything else I've said, listen to this: GET A TRUCK WITH A RAMP! DO IT!!! Everything... yes EVERYTHING, you own is heavy. That dresser? Heavy. Office chair? Heavy. Couch? Whoa, SUPER heavy!

I forgot to reserve my truck, went into a last minute panic, and reserved the first thing I could find, 12 hours before the move. I ended up with a small 10' truck with no dolly ramp. As a DIRECT RESULT of this oversight, I had a washing machine fall on me... It was tragic. And since it was a 10 foot truck, we ended up having to make 3 or 4 trips across town to get everything. It might be a few bucks more, but get a uhaul big enough for all your stuff and make it one trip and done. 

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Do you have any moving tips? Share them in the comments! 
What is the one moving tip you live by? Are you super organized or do you totally wing it?


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