Top 5 Places for Free Art (that doesn't totally suck!)

Top 5 Places for Free Art (that doesn't totally suck!)

Top 5 Places for Free Art That Doesn't Suck - Little Eli.

 Hello all!

All this talk about decorating my house made me realize how bare and empty my walls are. It's pretty bad. And I know that you know that all the best rooms come together slowly, but sometimes you just need something up on the walls like yesterday!

And preferably for like very little, to no monies... So I gathered my 5 favorite places for free artwork, and now I'm sharing them with you fabulous readers! WHAAA?! 

Free Art that doesn't Suck: Free Vintage Posters - Little Eli

Go right now to this website! Spend like the rest of your day there!... OK well maybe after you finish reading this. But this is definitely in my top 5 places for art, free or not. Its all vintage (obvi). My favorite things are looking through the food and drink section for art to hang over my bar. And the travel section has some killer ads for travel in Europe. I pretty much NEEED everything they have.

Free Art that doesn't Suck: Vintage Printable - Little Eli

Again, more vintage stuff, but I feel like vintage art mixes with pretty much every other style. It brings depth to loud pop art. It mixes well with modern. And its super weird sometimes too, which is always a plus. 

I like to poke around the botanical section and mash those together with the medieval or science sections to create the perfect mix of girly and dismemberment. WEE! (It's also what I'm feeling for my hall bathroom. Go weird or go home! No seriously, get out of my house.)

Free Art that doesn't Suck: NYPL Digital Collection - Little Eli

A bit harder to navigate and download, but worth it. I usually just browse around the first few pages of each category, but you can also search for keywords to make finding specific stuff easier. Its all broken up into categories, then exhibits, so it makes it easy to find a few pieces you really dig, that work together. I love the historical architecture prints and the turn-of-the century ads. 

Free Art that doesn't Suck: Unsplash - Little Eli

Usually mentioned in reference to stock blogging photos, Unsplash has a fantastic subject range. Pick your favorite (or three) and get them blow up to a dramatic size. Large prints are totally a thing right now and I hope it never goes away! It's simpler, bolder, easier, and usually cheaper then putting together an entire gallery wall. And it lets you really make a statement. But beware: large art is equal parts content and color, so make sure to pick an image you love and colors that work.
ELI TIP: You can almost never go wrong with black and white.

5. You!

Ok, for serious, there's a ton of great tutorials and inspiration online for creating your own artwork. Go grab a precut slice of plywood from the hardware store, a few cheap tubs of acrylic paint, big brushes (or a pallet knife), and get to work! Find instructions for everything from painting simple silhouettes for the whole family, to modern color block art, to recreating old school paint by numbers. The world is your oyster! And if you don't like it, paint over it! Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy!

Hope you get the kick in the pants you need to fill that empty wall! (I know what I'll be doing this week.)

What are your favorite ways to fill up empty walls? Did I forget your favorite thing in the whole world? Let me know!

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