January Rewind.

January Rewind - Goal Setting - Little Eli

Hello there!

Today I'm looking back at January, and laughing in its face!.. No, nonono I'm sorry January. Ok, January stop crying, I didn't mean it! 

What I'm really doing is reviewing my success of last month's goal and setting my goals for this month! In this post, I talked about how I was setting a smallish goal every month, to better myself in a round-about way. (Grab the Monthly Goal Calendar and join in!)

January's Goal:

Make working out a habit.

It wasn't about losing weight (though I did), and it wasn't about making myself miserable (which it didn't). It was about making a lifestyle change. And working out was only part of it. I also starting eating smarter. As my favorite fitness blog says 'You can't outrun your fork'. - Nerd Fitness

My new mantra is: I don't buy anything with a commercial. If a product needs a PR campaign to convince me to eat it, its not for me. 

I tracked my workouts and calories on the fitbit app. And seeing it all in one place, really kept me motivated. 

I only (completely) skipped working out one day (my birthday). I also threw a wrench in my plans when, finishing up my workout one night, I really hurt my back. So the week following that, I had to really cut back on working out, but I still made sure to achieve my step goal, and stay on track nutrition wise. Even when my friend and I spent a long weekend in Houston for the Supernatural conference, I was able to pack healthy foods and stick with my goals.

So I'm giving myself an B+ for January's goal. I did it, but I sometimes felt I could have pushed myself harder. But again, it was about creating habits, not making myself miserable. And not being able to workout for almost a week didn't help either.

And this doesn't mean I stop doing all the awesome things I did last month. This was designed so that going forward I could focus on other things. I am still going to be eating better, working out, and tracking all my stats, just not focusing on it.

February's Goal:

Follow Into-Mind.com's wardrobe workbook to develop my personal style & rebuild my wardrobe. 

I didn't think I had a lot of clothes, but after moving into this house with 2 small closets for M and I to share, I realized I had way more than I needed. I've gone through multiple purging phases, and I'm down to the barest my closet has been in a looong time. But I still don't have a wardrobe I love. I have things I enjoy wearing, but I'm not confident when putting outfits together, and that's what I want. 

I am also going to give my closet a makeover. I got a billy bookcase at Ikea last weekend and it fits perfectly in one half of my closet. I want to smile when I open my closet doors! It may even get some fresh paint and a new light! WHAAA!

How have you been following through on your New Year's Resolutions?
What is your goal for next month?