PART FOUR: Limited Edition Collection (Part 3)

PART FOUR: Limited Edition Collection (Part 3)

The Ultimate VSCO Cam Guide (PART FOUR) - Little Eli

Hey VSCO Cam fanatics!

I know you've been eagerly awaiting the next entry of this series! And honestly, this breakdown/review/guide is my favorite monthly thing to work on. So today I bring you the final installment of the 3 piece series "The Limited Collection".

This is the final part of a three part series covering the Limited Edition Collection of Presets. You can find it in the VSCO Cam in-app store for $7 (marked down from $16 for a limited time), and contains a whopping 38 presets!

Check out the intro and a breakdown of whats to come. This is not sponsored in any way. I use VSCO for all my mobile photo editing, and I think this resource needed to exist on the internet, so I made it. Simple as that.

Now what you've come here for, the photos!

Don't forget the tag #vscocamwitheli! I love checking out the photo's y'all are putting together!



Ultimate VSCO Cam Guide Part 4 (B1-3) - Little Eli


B1: A little enhanced exposure. Pretty true to tone and saturation. A very mild black and white filter. Doesn’t add too much personality, and I really appreciate it.

B2: A little lighter than B1. More washed about and faded with nothing a true black. But not over done, and I enjoy its simplicity.

B3: Almost no added exposure, Even more true to tone and color. Rounds out a pack of 3 very basic, and dependable black and white filters. 

Ultimate VSCO Cam Guide Part 4 (B4-6) - Little Eli


B4: Focus on contrast and saturation. You will lose details in the dark shaded areas, but it creates a striking image. Does retail details in the lighter values though.

B5: Even more contrast. Dark areas are very dark. Light areas still have details and subtle tint variations.

B6: Very high contrast. You start to regain some dark area details, but light area details are lost and faded out. Not the greatest for subtle skin changes, but would make a fantastic filter for urban imagery.

Overall: The B Series is a group of well rounded, very neutral gray filters. They don’t impart too much personality, just make sure you have a good composition to work with. 

Ultimate VSCO Cam Guide Part 4 (X1-3) - Little Eli


X1: Washes out imagery, and has no true black shades. Highlights and shadows both become more muddy, while losing details. It has a nice fade to it, but I wouldn’t recommend it for images with people.

X2: An even more washed out version of F1. But this time it retains highlight details. Skin tones are more even and palatable. An enjoyable fade, without too much personality.

X3: Similar to X1, but an even higher contrast. Not good to faces or skintones where you need detail. Makes images very black OR white, without much gray tones. Would be fantastic for a very graphically interesting photo.

Ultimate VSCO Cam Guide Part 4 (X4-6) - Little Eli


X4: The first “warm” black and white filter. Retails details very well. And other then being warm, the tones seem to be fairly accurate. I think its similar to old black and white photography that had a warmer hue to the images.

X5: Only slightly warm, better contrast and exposure values than X4. Lets the images stand alone, doesn’t try to make it any better or worse. A pretty true black and white interpretation. Needs strong imagery.

X6: The only very “cool” filter. But pretty accurate detail retention and shading. Contrast is a little improved to creating interesting edges between light and dark, but if the image is pretty well rounded, so is this filter. I’m a impressed by how adaptable it is. 

Overall: The X Series enhances photos. 1-3 makes them very graphically interesting and is probably better for images with strong contrast, or where subtly isn't important. 4-6 have the most personality, but a mild when it comes to contrast. 

UPDATE: Tag your edits with #vscocamwitheli.
Because I want to check them out!
I would absolutely LOVE to see what you've been photographing!

I used to think I hated black & white filters, but after these, I know I'll be adding them to my editing arsenal. 

Next time, I'll be covering the Contemporary Collection. It can be found in the VSCO Cam in-app store and includes 12 presets!

Head back to the intro, or if you missed the first two parts of the Limited Collection: PART ONE & PART TWO.

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