PART THREE: Limited Edition Collection (Part 2)

PART THREE: Limited Edition Collection (Part 2)

Ultimate VSCO Cam Guide. PART THREE. Limited Edition Collection - Little Eli

Hello mobile editing aficionados!

BEWARE: Today we bring you a pretty long & image heavy post. It's going to cover the Series: M (Moody), P (Instant), and S (Bright). 

This is part two of a three part series covering the Limited Edition Collection of Presets. You can find it in the VSCO Cam in-app store for $7 (marked down from $16 for a limited time), and contains a whopping 38 presets!

Check out the intro and a breakdown of whats to come. This is not sponsored in any way. I use VSCO for all my mobile photo editing, and I think this resource needed to exist on the internet, so I made it. Simple as that.

If you've got any questions, leave them in the comments, or tweet at us.

Oh, and if you missed it, here's the first part of the Limited Collection.

On to the photos!

Don't forget to use the #vscocamwitheli tag with your edits! 

The Original Images. One for Skin Tone, Landscapes, and Color. All taken outside with my Samsung GS3.

The Original Images. One for Skin Tone, Landscapes, and Color. All taken outside with my Samsung GS3.

Part Three: VSCO Cam Guide (M1-3) - Little Eli

ABOVE: M1, M2, and M3. The Moody Underexposed Series.

M1: Applys a warm yellow to skin tones and greenery. Doesn't really enhance exposure or contrast. Could be good to apply a happy mood to a sunny day picture.

M2: Still a yellow filter, but neutral in temperature. Slightly enhances exposure. I wouldn't recommend it for skin tones, but could be fun in landscapes or abstract shots. 

M3: A cool yellow filter. I can see it being great on beach photos. Makes skin look sickly. Doesn't wash out or lose details too much either. 

Part Three: VSCO Cam Guide (M4-6) - Little Eli

ABOVE: M4, M5, and M6. The Mood Warm Fade Series. 

M4: Rosy undertones. Brightens. Keeps skin tones pretty true. Probably good for pictures with short fields of depth.

M5: Washes out, but probably one of my favorite washouts. It retains most details from original picture. Adds a warm gray wash. Looks faded, and would be good for creating an moody scene.

M6: Brightens and reduces contrast, but is more true to color. Very very faint red tone. Flattens landscapes too much for my taste, but it's good to skin tones.

Part Three: VSCO Cam Guide (P1-3) - Little Eli

ABOVE: P1, P2, and P3. The Instant & Warm Series. 

All of these are very strong. The Instant Series, to me, has too much personality. 

P1: An overall warm filter, the least pure yellow of the 3. Another good sunny day attitude filter. 

P2: Crank up the yellow and crank up the exposure / contrast! Probably good for recreating old Polaroids, which is what I think this entire series is trying to accomplish 

P3: Equally as yellow as 2, doesn't over expose the picture. Keeps dark colors nice and rich. 

Part Three: VSCO Cam Guide (P4-6) - Little Eli

ABOVE: P4, P5, and P6. The Instant & Cool Series. 

All three of these are practically the opposite of their P1-3 counterparts. 

P4:  This is a very icy blue filter that brightens and washes out a little bit. 

P5: A warmer blue filter. Maintains nice dark blacks, but sacrifices the mid-tones. 

P6: A yellow blue filter. Maintains shade range, i.e. highlights and shadows. Brightens slightly. Not great for skintones. 

Part Three: VSCO Cam Guide (P7-9) - Little Eli

ABOVE: P7, P8, and P9. The Instant & Classic Series.

If I had to pick a favorite set of the P series it would be this one.

P7: Fades out and applies a warm yet gray/moody haze. Good for urban photography.

P8: One of my favorites. I like rosy filters for putting on happy selfies or snapshots. Skintones glow, while white becomes light pink. 

P9: Another yellow! I really don't love yellow filters, but for some landscape photography or when people aren't the subject matter, it adds a very interesting glow and depth to pictures. 

Part Three: VSCO Cam Guide (S1-3) - Little Eli

ABOVE: S1, S2, and S3. The Bright & Clean Series.

After the over-doneness of the P series, I'm glad to end on this bright and clean, palette cleansing series!

S1: Enhances the brightness & brings out the warmness in landscape images. Overall very true to color and is very mild.  

S2: A cooler, brighter version of S1. Makes landscapes so bright and clear (go figure)!

S3: A yellower, softer version of S2. Gah, I love clean, photo enhancing, filters! This one is probably my fave of these 3. 

Part Three: VSCO Cam Guide (S4-6) - Little Eli

ABOVE: S4, S5, and S6. The Bright & Warm Series. 

S4: Washes out and loses some mid-range definition. Probably good for low light outdoor photos. 

S5: A very red toned filter. I think it adds a nice appealing warmth and mood to landscape photos, but it distorts skin color too much for my taste. 

S6: I think this one is a scaled back version of S5. Much milder with a pleasant air about the images. Brings out nice details in the mid-range. 

UPDATE: I started the tag #vscocamwitheli.
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Phew! Done! This was the longest post of the entire series! There is just too much good stuff in the Limited Collection!

Head back to the intro, or continue on to Part 4: The Limited Edition Collection, where we cover all the black and white presets!

Do you have a favorite so far?

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