Holiday Observations

I'm choosy with my time. I choose who I invest my time with, who I invest my emotions on, and who I invest my money for.  So why are the holidays open season for spending time with people you can't stand?

Holiday Observations + Free Gift Tags - Little Eli

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I read a really great newsletter from Caroline at Made Vibrant about getting rid of your expectations for the holidays to remove some of the stress. Everyone strives for the 'perfect' dinner, the 'perfect' gift, the 'perfect' pie. When we all know 'perfect' is bullshit.

So, why do the holidays turn us into crazy perfection monsters, and how the fuck to we navigate the minefield of family, friends, co-workers, and social obligations?

Why do you get to choose what you do the other 11 months, but come winter its back to tradition, routine, and obligations?

I'm not saying I have all the answers, I'm not even saying I have the right answers. But I do like to ask questions.

And I think we should be able to pick and choose our holiday events too.

No, I don't want to go to your office Christmas party where Doug from HR gets too handsy.
Yes, I will meet you to go ice skating under the stars.
No, I don't have an ugly sweater, and I'm not riffling through 3 thrift shops just for you.
Yes, I will come over and drink wine with you and your cats, while we play Cards Against Humanity.

And what do you do when the obligations you want to avoid are family? The in-laws? The siblings?

How do you say, "No. Your Christmas is always a drama filled, alcohol induced nightmare, and I choose not to object myself to that this year"? ...Well, I guess you could say it like that...

Maybe next year we all just say fuck it and head to the Bahamas for Christmas. 

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