PART FIVE: The Contemporary Collection

PART FIVE: The Contemporary Collection

The Ultimate Guide to VSCO Cam Presets: The Contemporary Collection - Little Eli

Welcome  VSCO Cam lovers!

I know you've been eagerly awaiting the next entry in the VSCO Cam Preset series! And honestly, this breakdown/review/guide/whatever is my favorite monthly thing to work on. It's been helping me pick my top filters, but also gives me a boost of inspiration when I revisit presets I had forgotten about. 

Today we cover VSCO Cam's Contemporary Collection. It can be downloaded from the VSCO Cam app store for $2.99 and it includes 12 presets (A1-3, H1-6, N1-3), and some pretty nice "signature" filters.

Check out the intro and a breakdown of whats to come. This is not sponsored in any way. I use VSCO Cam for all my mobile photo editing, and I think this resource needed to exist on the internet, so I made it. Simple as that.

Now what you've come here for, the photos!

Don't forget, I made the tag #vscocamwitheli! I loooove seeing what you've made!



"With hints of pastels, lifted mid-tones and slight overexposure, A1, A2, and A3 embody analog film. Analog / Archetype is the perfect choice for portraits, interiors and food." - VSCO Cam

A1: Pretty true to color tone, but colors get brighter and more vibrant. Lose details in light areas, but enhances mid and dark tones. 

A2: Cool filter. Lowers contrast and tone. A generally washed out filter, but would be good for moody photos. 

A3: Warm filter, but otherwise similar to A2. Deepens color tone and value for a more saturated image. I like what it does to landscapes. 

"An ideal all-purpose pack, Presets H1, H2 and H3 excel in fashion, lifestyle and still object photography. Subtle pink, yellow and purple hues evoke the best memories of summertime." - VSCO Cam

H1: Image is very similar to original. Almost no change to exposure or contrast. Adds the slightest rosy hue. 

H2: A warm yellow filter. I like how it treats skin tones and landscapes. It doesn't mess too much with contrast and so subtle shades are preserved.

H3: Bright and cool filter. I would like to see it on a whole series of travel photos.

1234 layouts-07.png

"An ideal all-purpose pack, Polychrome Winter excels in fashion, lifestyle, and still object photography. H4, H5, and H6 are understated and cool, delivering dreamlike hues inspired by the winter season." - VSCO Cam

H4: Very similar to originals. Slightest blue undertones added.  Retains contrast and brightness.

H5: A deep, but crisp cool filter. I was surprised by how many highlight details it retains while being a strong color filter. I would try it on mountain/snowy photos.

H6: Similar to H5 in the strong, cool filter. But produces muddy images. Very low contrast and exposure. I like the brightness of blue it retains, but most other colors are muddy and washed out. Good "theme" filter though. Could easily be a signature.  

"Tailor-made for bright lights and colors, this N Series works well with photographs shot with the flash or direct sunlight. N1, N2, and N3 have a modern and bold aesthetic." - VSCO Cam

N1: High exposure which blows out highlights. Neutral in color. I like that it retained the warmth in the landscape image. 

N2: If you can be cool and warm at the same time, this is it. Skin tones get a cool yellow wash. Probably not the best as it could lead to looking sickly. I use N2 (with increased exposure) when photographing my black animals. It brings out their features while retaining true colors. 

N3: Warm filter. Pleasantly fades and softens skin tones. Enhances color vibrancy and tone.

UPDATE: I started the tag #vscocamwitheli.
So tag your edits with it because I want to check them out!
I would absolutely LOVE to see what you've been photographing!

I regularly use the N filters to enhance dark photos, and I use the A series a lot for simple images. After doing this, I may play around more with the H 4-6 series. I've been in a moody image kick lately and they seem perfect.

Head back to the intro to see whats next!

Which are on your short list so far?

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