Why Short Hair is so Awesome + Morning Routine VIDEO

Why you should cut your hair short + Morning Routine VIDEO - Little Eli

Hello ladies! First thing's first, look at that horse's fabulous hair!
Ok, moving on...

The last time I got my hair cut was almost 10 months ago. I know! For a few reasons: 1. I don't make time to get my hair cut. Its just not something I think about. 2. I like my hair at almost any length so I don't try to keep long/short/shoulder length. 3. I like making DRASTIC changes, so waiting 10 months before getting a cut lets me do something crazy with it! (Also, I've got to be my stylist's least lucrative customer.)


I grabbed some pics from my instagram from the days before and right after my cut. I probably got 4-5 inches cut off. I didn't ask, or measure. 

 I was just starting to like my long hair.

I was just starting to like my long hair.

 So I went and did this to it!

So I went and did this to it!

It was weird, this whole thing. Here's what happened:

  • Set reminder to call to get an Apt.
  • Wait week.
  • Fall in love with long hair.
  • Reminder goes off.
  • Call to set up an apt.
  • Forget that you were enjoying long hair... oops ...
  • Go to apt
  • "well I can just trim it if you want"
  • "nah, just cut it all off. go big"

(I'm probably the most rebellious person you've ever met.)

So I go in, get my hair chopped, and immediately remember why short hair was so awesome! It takes soooo much less effort! I am totally on board with anything that makes my morning's easier, and helps me get to work not-that-late

If you've been thinking about getting a chop, or are ready to lighten up for the spring, let me convince you!

5 Reasons Having Short Hair is Awesome:

1. Its 1000x easier to manage and control! I only need like 3 bobby pins to tame these locks.

2. You use less product (shampoo, mousse, hairspray, everything) = saves money!

3. Time saver! You can pretty much just towel it dry. Blow drying takes seconds. And suddenly, you actually enjoy straightening your hair!

4. It's young! Short hair, to me, says fun, vibrance, energy. But at the same time, its probably the reason a lot of middle age moms get a short cut... so tread lightly.

5. It's flattering on everyone! Seriously, there IS a short cut out there for you! Plus a lot of celebs are doing it lately, so there's even more inspiration out there than ever before.

And, if you weren't convinced enough, I made a video of my new morning routine. With just a few spritz of product, a super quick blow dry, and a little bit of straightening, I am out the door!

This is the very first video I've done.
I'd love to make videos a regular part of the blog.
But we've all got to start someplace. 

SUPER BONUS VIDEO: Also, apparently I ramble when I'm straightening my hair. So I made a second video of just outtakes, so you can see how HILARIOUS I am. (I really should have been a motivational speaker.) Guaranteed to make you chuckle. 

If you don't think you can rock a short cut, or just need some positive reinforcement, let me know in the comments.