March Rewind

March Goal Rewind - Little Eli

So... we're a quarter of the way through the year, and I've been improving myself in small chunks.

January was about working out and eating better.

February was about finding my personal style.

And March was all about hand lettering!

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If you've been playing along at home, you know I made myself a monthly goal calender, and have been working on one specific task a month, getting more and more awesome as the year goes on.


Start/Finish the "30 Days to Better Hand Lettering" course/workbook.

I finished the "course" in like two days. It's a series of video lessons, followed by a 30 day, daily lettering prompt. Caroline also does monthly themed challenges, so I plan to participate in the April challenges and keep working at it. 

I liked the course overall. But I also feel like, if I wasn't artistically inclined, that it wouldn't have been too much help. Like its not going to take you from, can't draw a straight line to designing professional branding. But it teaches some great lettering principles and terminology, and is great for getting your feet wet. Yeah, it was mostly stuff I already know from graduating from a design college, but if I was a total newbie it would have been more informative, and hopefully would have built some confidence to continue. Which is what it was really designed for.

I loved the info, I treated it like a refresher course, and she has some great resources for continuing on my lettering journey. 

And like I mentioned last month, I wanted to learn hand lettering so I could start making some freebie's for all you wonderful readers! And I totally nailed it!

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April Free Print - Hand Lettered Quote by Little Eli

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Overall, I'm gonna give myself a B+ for March's goal. I only did like 7 of the 30-Day challenges, but I thought a lot about lettering styles, I started a personal lettering project, and I DID make a free printable!


Finally landscape the front yard, by the house and the front door. 

Ok, so you guys, you know the saying "the cobbler's children have no shoes" like, he makes shoes all day, yet his own children have to go barefoot. The same can be said for those in the landscape field (the exception being my dad, my parent's yard is amazing). I think about plants all day, so my actual yard is pretty sad. And M works turf management at a local sports complex, so the last thing he wants to do on the weekend is think about grass.

We're a pretty sad excuse for home owners. It's only taken us 10 months to fix the yard!

Anyway, this month is gonna be different! I know that I just need a little push to get the ball rolling, and once its done, it'll be DONE! I am not one for high maintenance yards y'all. 

So! My plan is to drag M around a local nursery to get ideas, draw up a plan, and send it to my dad to get materials (so spoiled I know), then he'll come down and we are gonna knock this out in a weekend!!! hopefully...

Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

How are your goals coming?