Top 5 VSCO Presets. Part 1-5 Review + Freebie

Top 5 VSCO Cam Presets. Part 1-5 Round Up - Little Eli

UPDATE: Check out the full preset review and my top 21 presets here!

Alright, so far we've covered 5 parts of the VSCO Cam preset review, ultimate guide, super awesome series. And I knooow you loved every second of it. 

So today I'm doing a round up of my top 5 VSCO Cam presets. Yeah, I waded through all 70+ presets we've covered so far and picked JUST 5 that I am super in love with.

Also, I made you some free stuff cause I like you so much. 

Top 5 VSCO Cam Preset Countdown

#5. S3

Photo Apr 10, 12 17 10 PM.jpg

The S series is a really great "clean" filter. For this image I didn't want a ton of personality, I just wanted to accentuate the blue on the parrot, and reflect the vibrancy of the bamboo. S3 is a great all-purpose preset, just edging out its sibling S5, as my #5 choice. 

S3: Part of the Limited Edition Collection ($16) Read the original review. 

#4. HB2

Alright me and HB2 had a loong love affair when I was new to VSCO Cam. It's falls to #4 on this list just because it's been a while since I've used it. But I love the cooling effect it has on this image. I mean just look how it makes his eyes and stripes pop! HB2 is also FREE from the VSCO Cam store, so that's a big plus too!

HB2: Part of the Hypebeast Collection (FREE) Read the original review

#3. T1

YASSS! I have been in a totally faded mood lately, and T1 juuust edged out T3 as my favorite faded preset. (T3 is warmer while T1 is more neutral). I love the washed out feel it gives, while still retaining some color true-ness. To me it's just the perfect fade!

T1: Part of the Limited Edition Collection ($16) Read the original review

#2. B3

Ok, for me B3 beat out all the other black and white presets because of how true it stays to the original image. If I'm in a faded, black and white mood I'll go with X1 or X2, but for the majority of photos, I love that all the shadows, highlights, and details are retained. 

B3: Part of the Limited Edition Collection ($16) Read the original review

#1. K3

K3 takes my #1 spot because it's pretty much the only preset I use on the little eli instagram (besides when we went black and white for a while). I love how it makes colors pop! Blues get more blue, while the rest of the image gets a deep, wonderful, saturated tone. I am absolutely in love with this preset! And it's pretty difficult to find a picture it WON'T make better. 

K3: Part of the Limited Edition Collection ($16) Read the original review

Alright you guys! Those are my top 5 from the first 5 parts. Come back next month for part 6, the Essence Collection

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