PART SIX: The Essence Collection

PART SIX: The Essence Collection

It's been a hot minute since I checked in with you photo freaks. So how's everybody doing?

With this post brings all kinds of updates! We've got new original photos, taken with a new camera, and a sexy new post image (the whole series got a face lift).

Today I bring you The Essence Collection. $1.99 in the VSCO Cam store. It includes 8 presets (E1-8) that are reminiscent of classic film.

Essence / Archetype embellishes golden highlights and deep shadows, harkening back to the gilded age of consumer film stock. Unveiling shades of indigo within the shadows to marigold hues revealed in the highlights, E1-E8 are must-have presets to capture the essence of classic film stock. - VSCO Cam

I'm going to start by saying, since these presets were all about "classic film" I assumed I was going to hate them, but they are so so fantastic! I'm going to have a hard time picking just one or two to add to my usual collection!

Check out the intro and a breakdown of whats to come. This is not sponsored in any way. I use VSCO Cam for all my mobile photo editing, and I think this resource needed to exist on the internet, so I made it. Simple as that.

Now what you've come here for, the photos!

Oh, and don't forget to use #vscocamwitheli! I absolutely love checking out your edits!

The new originals! One for skin tone, landscape, and color. 

The new originals! One for skin tone, landscape, and color. 


E1-3: A preset for all occasions. 

E1: A pleasant glow on skin-tones. Deepens shadows and makes subjects pop. Just look how "alive" those jolly ranchers are, lol. I personally really love cool landscapes, so this one is a total win in my book. Doesn't get too crazy with exposure or contrast.

E2: A pretty neutral filter. Does add slight, pleasant warmth to skin tones, but leaves landscapes pretty realistic. Nothing too drastic all around, enhances, but minds it own business. Probably the most true to color of all the E series.

E3: A cool filter. I love cool filters so much. May be overly cool for some scenarios, and could leave skin a little sickly. But I find that overall its a well rounded blue filter that adds a "far away/overcast" feel to images. 

E4-6: A family of blues.

E4: Pretty muted. Deepens shadows, but brightens and almost flattens every other color. Again, its a delicate filter, and it probably doesn't "ruin" any photo, but I can't think of a time I would use it over any other preset. 

E5: Very similar to E4 but it de-saturates and fade out the shadows. Images are left kind of misty/foggy. Also more cool in tone.

E6: Ok wow, a very cool filter. Skin is left visibly blue in light places, so maybe not the best preset for people. But I do love how it makes the flamingos pop in the landscape image. Colors are left with a blue tint, and it results in pretty "mysterious" imagery.

E7-8: Buttery soft.

E7: Very similar to E1 in my opinion. Except hightlights aren't "brighter" as much as they are "creamer". The trees in the landscape have an overall greater range of highlights, but they are soft and buttery. Colors become richer, but I'm not a huge fan of what it does to skin.

E8: A cool filter. Like if E6 and E7 had a love child. Similar to E6 in the strong blue overtones, but like E7, the highlights are soft and buttery. Leaves images cold, but approachable and wishfull. 

OVERALL: The E series is full of great, enhancing, presets. Any one of these could easily become your signature filter. All work well with a variety of subject matters, lighting conditions, and overall color. 

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Next time, I'll be covering the Minimalist Collection. It can be found in the VSCO Cam in-app store and includes 10 new presets!

Head back to the intro and see what you've missed!

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