PART SEVEN: The Minimalist Collection

PART SEVEN: The Minimalist Collection

PART SEVEN: The Ultimate Guide to VSCO Cam Presets. The Minimalist Collection

Hello VSCO Cam lovers!

Another month, another preset review. This month we cover the Minimalist Collection. 10 presets you can find in the store for $2.99. 

Right off the bat, I assumed I would looove this set because, hello, its the minimalist series! And we are oh-so minimal around here. And while I could see adding maybe one of these to my rotation, overall I was very much not in love. -sadface- 

But really, it's a personal preference. This collection, on a whole, is full of cool, far-away, presets that don't translate well to lively, or overly colorful shots. I would love to see how you can use these for architecture or urban photography. That's where they really come alive!

And if you use these for your own photos, please tag them #vscocamwitheli so I can check them out! You could even be featured in the Little Insider Monthly Update!

The New Originals. One for Skin tone, landscape, and color.

The New Originals. One for Skin tone, landscape, and color.

A7-10 Presets. The Minimalist Collection - Little Eli

A7-10: Analog/Essential: With hints of blues, desaturated highlights, and understated, muted exposure, the A7, A8, A9, and A10 presets embody analog film. - VSCO Cam

A7: A slightly cool filter that enhances contrast. Don’t love it for skin tones as its pretty sterilizing. I love the change to landscapes, but you already know how much I love cool tone landscapes. 

A8: Even cooler than A7. Not grand for skin tones. A8 has a slightly higher contrast with brighter brights.

A9: Slightly warmer than A8. Still pretty high contrast and not easy on skin tones. But A9 has creamer highlights.

A10: Faded, warm, and almost sepia filter. The only one I would use on skin. But makes landscapes almost “dirty”. Opposite of A9 in all the best ways. Sepia filters are annoying and overused but I don't find this overwhelming or distracting.

OVERALL: I would use these for landscape shots or urban photography. They create an air of distance and stillness that is perfect for non-living subject material.

J1-3 Presets. The Minimalist Collection - Little Eli

J1-6: Premier/Simple: Emphasizing the beauty in stillness, the J presets lend to quiet moments, contemplative settings, portraiture, and architecture. - VSCO Cam

J1: A striking and slightly cool, dark filter. It would be fantastic for moody themes since most of the highlights are retained.

J2: A high contrast, low exposure filter. Blue undertones, but not overdone.

J3: Like the most purple filter that ever filtered. Dark filter with deep, deep, warm undertones. Leaves skin blotchy and almost bruised. This would make a good "everything" filter for the right instagram theme. If you are going for moody but not sad, and have mostly pictures of still-lifes. It could be pretty captivating!

J4-6 Presets. The Minimalist Collection - Little Eli

J4: A saturated, light preset with yellow undertones with saturated blacks. Actually pretty similar to J1 with a higher exposure. 

J5: Has both yellow and blue undertones. Not quiet sure how it does it. Also very similar to J2 but with slightly cooler greens. And slightly more exposure. 

J6: A high contrast, almost monochrome yellow filter. Opposite of J3 in every way. It's a deep yellow, not a bright yellow, and could make for some really interesting architectural shots.

OVERALL: The J Series is full of cool presets, that are really great for still life, or architecture, or urban photography. But similar to A7-10, I  wouldn't use them for active or lively or colorful shots as they aren't true to color, and the give off an air of distance and coldness. Look to the J presets to create striking staged photos or to emphasize the little quiet moments. 

So, what do you think? Too cold? Or just what you've always wanted? Let me know in the comments, or tweet at me! And tag your own photos #vscocamwitheli so I can see!

Oh and it you are just joining us, head to the intro to get a full preset roundup!

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