PART EIGHT: The Legacy Collection

PART EIGHT: The Legacy Collection

PART EIGHT: The Legacy Collection. The Ultimate VSCO Cam Preset Review - Little Eli

Attention VSCO Cam students, class is now in session!

You could say I took the summer off since I missed last month's review, but this Collection is really worth the wait.

The Legacy Collection is the re-release of the 10 original presets by VSCO. Being the original 10, they cover all your bases, but VSCO has made pretty remarkable progress since developing these. Pro: Its got everything you really need, all in one collection. Con: But you can find better presets else where in their store, but you might have to spend a bit more. 

The Legacy Collection is available for $1.99 from the VSCO Cam in-app store.

And if you use these for your own photos, please tag them #vscocamwitheli so I can check them out! You could even be featured in the Little Insider Monthly Update!

The original pictures. One for skin tone, landscape, and color. All taken in neutral lighting with the Galaxy S6.

The original pictures. One for skin tone, landscape, and color. All taken in neutral lighting with the Galaxy S6.

Ultimate VSCO Cam Review: Legacy Collection: 01-03 - Little Eli

01-03: The Original Black and White presets. Versatile and clean. 

01: A pretty adaptable B/W filter. True-ish to tone, with a touch of enhanced contrast. I like how blacks stay saturated and the highlights aren't blown out. 

02: A lighter, slightly muddy preset. Highlights are pretty true, but you lose a lot of detail in the shadows, which have been faded out. Still, its good for a nice, comfortable fade. 

03: Similar to 01 except it has an even higher contrast. I like how it brightens skin and evens complexions. It results in very clean, crisp, images that I find visually and graphically interesting. 

OVERALL: Good default B/W presets. You could achieve an even greater range of possibilities, if you partner these with the exposure or fade options in the editor. I prefer 03 to the others. 

Ultimate VSCO Cam Review: Legacy Collection: 04-06 - Little Eli

04-06: I'm calling them the full color versions of 01-03. 

04: Very very neutral. I don't think it tints images either warm or cool. Seems to just enhance the colors already in an image. I like the improvements to exposure and contrast. A very mild filter that makes pictures nominally better. 

05: Damn. Very close to 04 but with shadows faded out. True to color. Doesn't get crazy with it. Basically, a color version of 02.

06:  Enhances contrast, but doesn't get crazy with it. Has a slight yellow tint, but not terribly noticeable. I like how it keeps darks dark, and doesn't even tough the highlights. Photos retain a lot of their details in the highlights.

OVERALL: Good, basic, presets. They are going to make pretty much every picture better, but doesn't do anything really remarkable. 

Ultimate VSCO Cam Review: Legacy Collection: 07-10 - Little Eli

07-10 The real edits.

07: I consider it a neutral preset, color wise. Similar to 03, with pronounced shadows and striking highlights. 07 has high contrast, so its not true to life, with skin-tones becoming blotchy or patchy, but I really don't mind. Retains most of the medium tones of the original. 

08: Like you looking at a picture after its been washed in green pea soup. Yellow/green undertones so I really don't love it for skin. I like it for landscapes and color though, oddly enough. Still, compared to a lot of the other presents covered so far, it is very mild. 

09: More of a pure yellow filter. Not too bright, not too dark. It would probably be too much on an image taken indoors under already yellow lighting, but it adds a pleasant "sunniness" to outdoor photos. Leaves most colors pretty creamy too. 

10: Slightly cool filter that over or under exposes mid-tones. People become sterile and cold, but I love the depth it adds to landscape imagery. (If you've been following along, you've noticed how I looove cool landscapes.)

OVERALL: These start to mess with tint and warmth, and compared to others in the collection they are strong, but compared to other preset collections, they are very mild. The Legacy Collection is a decent, basic, collection for those just getting their feet wet in the VSCO Cam system. 

Head back to the Intro to see what other collections I've covered.

Alright students, what do you think? Would you use these, or are you already too deep into the VSCO Cam rabbit hole? Test them and use the tag #vscocamwitheli so I can check them out.

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