Wearing Concrete #2

Wearing Concrete #2: The Eros Necklace - Little Eli

Hello there!

Today I want to squash the idea that concrete doesn't belong in the office. The Eros necklace blends together subtle texture, a geometric profile, and a flash of metal. This makes it the perfect necklace for pretty much anything. Especially at the office where you can't always be as bold as you really are. 

Wearing Concrete 2: The Eros - Little Eli

Black on blue on black. Even though I work in a pretty casual corporate setting, I adore wearing all black, or deep saturated colors to the office. For one, it makes the light concrete stand out, and two, darks are just so adaptable! Pair a color block blouse with your favorite black skirt. This one has the most wonderful angles. Add a black leather carry-all and simple black heals. Why spend so much time getting ready, when you can mix and match staples like these and be out the door in a flash!

A little about Eros:

When concrete and brass fall in love, this is what happens. Named after the Greek God of Love, the Eros embodies passion, and perservernce.