PART NINE: The Chromatic Collection

PART NINE: The Chromatic Collection

Hello there! I'm sad to say our VSCO Cam journey is almost at an end. Boo! It's been awesome to have these discoveries with all of you! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have. Anyway, on to the presets! 

Today we cover 6 "new" presets with a ton of character. The Chromatic Collection was a late release to the VSCO Cam party (released December 2014), but are pretty wonderful filters.

The Chromatic Collection embodies the bright and bold look of mid-century analog film. Strong primary colors mix with muted neutral tones, perfect for portraits, environments, and stylized editorial. - VSCO

The Chromatic Collection is available for $2.99 from the VSCO Cam in-app store.

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Part Nine of the Ultimate VSCO Cam Review - The Chromatic Collection - Little Eli
The original pictures. One for skin tone, landscape, and color. All taken in neutral lighting with the Galaxy S6.

The original pictures. One for skin tone, landscape, and color. All taken in neutral lighting with the Galaxy S6.

C4-C6: Strong done delicately.

C4: Oh how I love cool temperature presets! I would call it an "icy" filter, with how cool, light, and refreshing it is. Enhances mid-tones without blowing out highlights. Has a bit of a fade/fog to it.

C5: Very similar in effect to C4, except that it is a very warm filter. Makes pictures comforting and cozy, without the flatness of a traditional "sepia" filter. Would make a great go-to warm filter. It's a little strong, but not in a bad way.

C6: Similar to C4, but deeper. Has a higher contrast and range of colors. Creates deep saturated hues, but can leave skin blotchy. I adore how the landscape has both warm and cool foliage! And all the colors pop in the candy shot. A deep, saturated, and versatile preset.

C7-C9: Very delicate enhancements.

C7: An interesting preset. Skin-tones were warmed, but the foliage went cool, with the flamingos becoming orange by contrast. I actually really enjoy it for landscapes and skin-tone. Colors are a bit more saturated and exaggerated. 

C8: Doesn't do anything to striking. A good brightness and contrast enhancement. Leaves most colors alone, but over-exaggerates the "blue" in blues and greens. Love that it doesn't leave skin to sterile.  

C9: Similar to C4 but with more yellow and a higher saturation. Colors really pop! Landscapes are cool, but skintone isn't too blotchy, though I still don't love it. Try it with urban photography and still-lifes. 

OVERALL: The Chromatic Collection introduces more vintage feel presets, but I don't mind because the vintage film one are all my favorite. Look to the Essence Collection if you want more. The Chromatic Collection leaves you with saturated blues, warm yellows, and a touch of nostalgia. 

Head back to the Intro to see what other collections I've covered.

Alright, who loves the Chromatic Collection?!
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