Just Learning this Shit as I Go

Just Learning this Shit as I Go

Welp, today is my 27th birthday. I have no experience to qualify me to be older. I did not apply for it, ask for it, pay for it, or prove my worth to get it, yet here I am, with no control over it, finding myself another year older. 

What a nice number though, 27. It has an evenness to it. A nice balance. Anyway, I like to wait until my birthday to review the year, see what I learned, and see where I'm going. 

If 25 was trans-formative (think: buy a house, get a new job), then 26 was a intro into real life. I did little things around the house, like filling it with more animals. Dealt with losing a few loved ones. Hit up some weddings. Attended my first big craft show. 26 was a glimpse into what life is really about. Ups, downs, sometimes in control, most often not.

Figuring it out at I go along - Little Eli

26 became about finding a groove, and adapting to what was happening around me. It's a powerful feeling, going through life, knowing you can handle the next curve in the road, trusting your co-pilot, figuring out life's turbulence together. 

So here are 26 things that I figured out along the way. In no particular order really:

  1. Not everything is about you. People have a million other things going on in their lives. Live more in yours and less in theirs. 
  2. Don't put up with bullshit. Mistakes happen. People get busy. But some stuff is bullshit, so don't waste your time thinking about it.
  3. Make more things with your hands. Take something that was purely an idea and make it real. Then show people.
  4. Don't mentally masturbate. Either do the thing or don't. But thinking about the thing will only get you so far.
  5. Eat your veggies. Find one or two you love, figure out how to cook them. And eat up.
  6. Spend money on experiences. And take all the pictures. Make all the memories you can.
  7. Clean up after yourself. You're really an adult now. This should go without saying. So why is it so difficult. 
  8. Find someone who ''gets'' you. No one does anything alone. Find someone who will help you refine your brilliant ideas, and call out your bullshit on the bad ones. 
  9. Pets change your worldview. Have something else that relies on you. Something waiting for you to get home from work. A warm fuzzy body to relax with is so worth the cost of pet food.
  10. Lift more weights. Feel stronger. Feel better. Make time for it. Enjoy it. Make life easier.
  11. Probably drink less diet coke. But whatever. It makes you happy. I'm not here to judge.
  12. Don't do shit you hate. Seems simple enough, but how many of us suffer through unending bullshit? Stop doing it, just to see what happens. 
  13. Experiment more. Fiddle with things. Smash things together and see what happens. Take notes.
  14. Be god damn nice to people. There's rarely an excuse to be mean or rude or short. Even if they are shit to you, your positive attitude could turn around their whole day. 
  15. Wear comfortable shoes. Get some gorgeous ones and rock them. 
  16. Buy art you like. It could be $10 from the thrift store or $600 from a local artist's exhibit. But do it.
  17. Stick with something. Commit something and follow through. You'll be more upset if you don't. 
  18. Do extra-curriculars for your career. Find peers in your profession and do shit together. Network without pressure. You're probably more similar than you think. 
  19. Make more time for your relationship. Date nights are important. Sleeping together is important. Listening is important. Support is important. Being lazy together is important too. 
  20. Pay off debt when you get money unexpectedly. Splurge on one thing, but put the majority into paying off debt or into savings. If not, it just slips away.
  21. Find something you really like doing. And do that thing. Make time for it. Schedule it. Appreciate it. Plan for it. Reward yourself with it. Invest time and money into it. Share it. 
  22. Honestly, one more piece of candy won't kill you. Make it something you really enjoy, not something that is just convenient. 
  23. Take out the trash. Its like 50ft to the curb. Drag your shit down there. Come on. Really.
  24. Learn to write better. Communication is all we have. Choose your words carefully. Watch out for spelling. Connect with people on a deeper level. Say fuck a lot.
  25. Realize 26 things is a lot of things. Why do people do a thing per year. Maybe don't do this next year. Realize this is a long list.
  26. Have fun with it! Seriously. You can't go back. You can't change it. You can only move forward and choose how you life your life. 

What do you reflect on in the new year? How you could have been better? Or how you are going to be better? By the things you didn't do, or the things you did? 

A few things for 27:
Read more.
Cook more.
Play more.
Learn more.

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