Quit Doing Shit You Hate!

Quit Doing Shit You Hate!

From August 20th until January 14th, I posted to this blog every single Thursday.

Along with half-assly posting to twitter, trying to grow my instagram, sending out too few emails to my wonderful Insiders, and not spending enough time making beautiful things.

Along with weekly check-ins with my fave #ladycreative, monthly meetings to plan our next steps, and still working 40+ hours at a real-ass job.

21 uninterrupted weeks of words from my keyboard.

21 Wednesday nights spent trying to get something out on time.

21 weeks spent dreading the blog post.

Then I took 2 weeks off. And I'm about to take a lot more time off.

Why the change? 

Well, I learned I really loved writing off-the-cuff, bullet style narratives. (Like this one. Ta-da)

I learned I could happily sit down and write vaguely appropriate content about life or my experiences as a creative, but I dreaded writing content just to pitch you my newest thing.

I learned I loved styling my pieces, because I finally started to understand how my jewelry fits into this much larger picture of personal style.

Then it happened, I read this eye-opening piece from Regina. (Are we really surprised here? Regina = Goddess) 

And I was given permission to actually evaluate what I want to do, and how I want to do it.

Read that again.

Evaluate what I want to do, and how I want to do it.

I took Regina's blogging evaluation, and realized, that NO, I DO NOT:

  • Enjoy researching and writing about topics, concepts, products, or people.
  • Enjoy strategy and planning–you love organizing written materials.
  • Want to express your views online and limiting it to “traditional” social media alone is not enough.

With Regina's evaluation of why you should blog, I gave myself permission to stop blogging.

When I started this way back when, everyone was blogging. 

I loved reading blogs. And all my favorite people were good at it.

Therefore I must blog. To drive traffic. To get featured. To get exposure.

Hits. Page views. Unique visitors. Sponsorships. Adds. Affiliate links. Click to tweet. Hashtag. Community. Tribe. Opt-ins. 

Buzzword bullshit that is honestly, one big circle-jerk.

Don't buy-in, if it doesn't make sense.

I sell jewelry. Just look at it, and if you like it buy it.

I didn't need to blog.

I didn't need to drive traffic, or master SEO, or create useless opt-ins to grow my list.

I need to focus on images and story telling.

I need to focus on creating a narrative around my work. People love stories.

People connect with stories.

Not with top 10 lists. Not with 3 things you must to do grow your blah blah blah. 

So, I decided to stop sticking to a blogging schedule.

I would blog when I wanted to.

About the things I wanted to.

No pressure. No judgment. No stress. 

And oh my god, I wanted to scream, to cry, to run around with my hands in the air.

It was such an overwhelming sense of freedom. Pure bliss.

And pure anger, thinking about all the time I invested in writing this blog, and seeing almost nothing in return.

When I could have been working on something else.

When I could have been happier doing anything else.

So I got permission, owned my decision, and took my own advice.

I stopped doing shit I hated.

And I bet there is something in your life you can stop doing too.

I dare you to find it.

(and then tweet it at me cause we are bff's now and I wanna give you a high-five, fist bump, bear hug!)

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