Planning & Brainstorming - 2017

Planning & Brainstorming - 2017

It's almost 2 months into the new year, and I'm just getting around to writing about my big brainstorming/planning 2017 session.

I have some big plans for this year.

I want to do better, be better, think better.

I want to make changes to how I do business and what I focus on.

I figured talking about my intentions will give you some context.

You may have noticed a transition on my instagram to something more vocal and passionate. 

I'm going to keep doing that.

I wanted to live 2017 by 3 words. Something I saw from The Productivityist and wanted to implement. This is a look behind the curtain of how I got to my 2017 words.

**Stuff in italics is straight from my private journal**

what do I want to be in 2017? 

  • I want to be a better human being. 
  • I want to expand my horizons and understandings
  • I want to empathize with others and grow close meaningful relationships
  • I want to prioritize my health and well being
  • I want to do more good, in my profession, in my community, in the country
  • I want to be unapologetic about what Little Eli is, what it stands for, and what it isn’t
  • I want to stand up more. for myself, for my health, for others
  • I want to realize there is strength in seeing hope fade
  • I want to grow Little Eli as a force for creating the good I want to see in the world
  • I want to make more things.  
  • I don’t want to limit myself
  • I want to redefine what it means to make jewelry 
  • I want to connect with my audience, my peers, and my community
  • I want to forge new connections with people I admire


  • Grow
  • Spread
  • Expand
  • Empathize
  • Aspire
  • Defy
  • Validate
  • Create
  • Connect
  • Redefine
  • Forge

I narrowed it down & my three words for 2017 are:


I wrote them on the front of my Volt Planner so I don't forget.

Next I themed & planned out the first 6 months of 2017.

  • January: Batching Content
  • February: Forging Connections
  • March: Expanding the Hell Yeah Brush Lettering Course
  • April: Building Habits
  • May: Designing Jewelry
  • June: Defying Norms

I worked through the Map Making Guide by Tara Swiger (my favorite planning tool to date), set a big 6 month goal, grouped tasks in the appropriate months, and then scheduled everything with Todoist so I actually move forward. (Todoist is the reason for 85% of my progress so far this year.)

Then I themed my days, which has really helped me stay on top of some important admin/activism stuff, but has let me fall behind on other more creative stuff. 

  • Monday: Batching
    • Scheduling out content, writing, editing photos, posting in the shop.
  • Tuesday: Connecting
    • Activism stuff, professional stuff, emails mostly.
  • Wednesday: Admin
    • Sending to the shop, packaging orders, customer service stuff.
  • Thursday: Inspiration
    • It's amazing what happens when you set aside time to be inspired and to absorb the world.
  • Friday: Designing
    • Refining sketches done during the inspiration stage.
  • Saturday: Creative Activities
    • Making the stuff I refined on Friday, taking photos & exploring downtown, sketching for sketching's sake.
  • Sunday: Household
    • Making sure my home is running smoothly, taking time for myself to recharge. 

Honestly. I'm falling behind on my big goal. But I recognize that it's the result of trying to do too much at once, so I'm working on managing my time better, and sticking to my themed days better.

If you wanna chat about how you're working on your 2017, message me on instagram. That's where I hang out.

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