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Little Eli is Dead. Long Live Eli Makes Things.

I basically woke up one morning in 2018 and decided that I'm not doing jewelry anymore. After launching an Etsy shop in 2013, and becoming an LLC in 2016, one January morning in 2018, I decided that I didn't feel like it anymore.

It's crazy, but also reassuring, how things change.

I'm writing this to address the questions that I assume are coming. And to address the feeling I'm having. And any possible confusion, on your part or on mine.

Planning & Brainstorming - 2017

It's almost 2 months into the new year, and I'm just getting around to writing about my big brainstorming/planning 2017 session.

I have some big plans for this year.

I want to do better, be better, think better.

I want to make changes to how I do business and what I focus on.

I figured talking about my intentions will give you some context.

You may have noticed a transition on my instagram to something more vocal and passionate. 

I'm going to keep doing that.

I wanted to live 2017 by 3 words. Something I saw from The Productivityist and wanted to implement. This is a look behind the curtain of how I got to my 2017 words.

what do I want to be in 2017? 

Why Short Hair is so Awesome

The last time I got my hair cut was almost 10 months ago. I know! For a few reasons: 1. I don't make time to get my hair cut. Its just not something I think about. 2. I like my hair at almost any length so I don't try to keep long/short/shoulder length. 3. I like making DRASTIC changes, so waiting 10 months before getting a cut lets me do something crazy with it! (Also, I've got to be my stylist's least lucrative customer.)

Hello all!

As you remember, about a month ago we went to our biggest New Orleans craft show! We had done a few small shows to get our feet wet, but this was our the first major production. And boy, do I have some tips for you!!

This was our smoothest running, and best looking display to date, so read on to get some tips for your own killer craft show!

New Year Revelations


Probably like a jillion other people, I've been thinking a lot about bettering myself and finally getting in shape and tAkInG mY bUsInEsS tO tHe NeXt LeVeL iN 2o15. (<<That's the way sarcasm looks on the internet, btw.)

Its day one, and I'm already kinda over all that.

I got a fitbit for christmas, so I've already started my new health and workout plan. (Why wait until the new year when you are motivated right NOW?) And yeah, we have some big plans for Eli in 2015. But that isn't what this is about.

This is about making the unusual resolution.

This is about ignoring. Yes. Flat out ignoring other people. And doing something JUST FOR YOU!