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The Anti-Gift Guide. Things that aren't things.

Hello generous gift givers,

With everyone putting out gift guides this time of the year (us included), I decided to combat the consumer mindset and make a list of things you can gift this year that aren't things. It's a very common (and accepted) way to show love this time of the year with things. Mounds and mounds of things.

Shops are full of things and people trying to buy those things. Roads are full of people trying to get to the shops to buy the things. And if you do buy things, then I 100% recommend going local or small business shopping this year. But there IS more to it all than just buying things.

The Ultimate Guide to VSCO Cam Presets.

Hello mobile photo editors, instagram aficionados, and the selfie obsessed,

Today I'm introducing a series that's been on my mind for a while. After I got tipped off to the VSCO Cam app (iOS or Android & FREE!) I immediately downloaded it, and within 10 minutes I had downloaded/bought all the image presents because I am nothing if not a completionist. (Yes that IS a word, Google is wrong!)

This left me with an blight of overabundance. Having almost 100 options to pick from was a nightmare! And I could never remember which ones I liked best. 

So I did what any sane and rational person would do. I tried out every. single. present. on 3 different photos! Resulting in 300+ images to wade through and (hopefully) help me narrow it down to my 10 favorite presents! (I'm not quite there yet, but I'm close!)

This series is what I wished existed on the internet but doesn't. It is a side by side comparison of each present and why/what each does (that I can tell). I hope this helps some other obsessive's out there!

So go grab your device, and download some presets, cause its about to get cray cray in here.

Top 5 Places for Free Art (that doesn't totally suck!)

Hello all!

All this talk about decorating my house made me realize how empty my walls are. It's pretty bad. And I know all the best rooms come together slowly, but sometimes you just need something up on the walls like yesterday!

And preferably for like very little, to no monies... So I gathered my 5 favorite places for free artwork, and now I'm sharing them with you fabulous readers! WHAAA?!