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Hello all!

As you remember, about a month ago we went to our biggest New Orleans craft show! We had done a few small shows to get our feet wet, but this was our the first major production. And boy, do I have some tips for you!!

This was our smoothest running, and best looking display to date, so read on to get some tips for your own killer craft show!

Planning a road trip so you don't lose your damn mind

Hello Fellow Travelers!

At this very moment I'm driving (or riding) through Arkansas, on my way to Missouri for the long Labor Day weekend! My partner Mitchell went to high school in a small town in northern Missouri and we're heading back for his 10 year reunion! It will actually be my first time in Missouri, and I'm getting pretty excited to see where he grew up! You'll be able to keep up with me on twitter and instagram; I'll be tagging everything #BR2KC. I've got some great things planned for the weekend!

Top 5 Places for Free Art (that doesn't totally suck!)

Hello all!

All this talk about decorating my house made me realize how empty my walls are. It's pretty bad. And I know all the best rooms come together slowly, but sometimes you just need something up on the walls like yesterday!

And preferably for like very little, to no monies... So I gathered my 5 favorite places for free artwork, and now I'm sharing them with you fabulous readers! WHAAA?!

Moving Fucking Sucks

Hello all!

So! You want to move across town, but you only have one weekend, one helper, and a small uhaul truck? Well I'm here to coach you through it!!!

When I bought my house, I only had 3 days before I had to be out of my apartment. It was a stressful, hot, and painful 3 days, but I got it done. Now I (hopefully) won't have to do it again for a while!!!

ANYWAY! Here are 3 things I did (mostly) right: