The Hell Yeah Brush Lettering Course

The Hell Yeah Brush Lettering Course


The Course Schedule:

Day 1: Welcome! 1. Learn the Lingo & 2. Tools you Need: Let's talk about letters and brushes. I'll set you up with the right words and the best supplies to get you up and running.

Day 4: 3. Find your Style: From holding the brush to owning your flaws. This is all about developing your sweet new skills.

Day 6: 4. Design and Layout & 5. Your Project: How to achieve balance in your layouts, and we'll get started on your first project!

Day 8: 6. Going Digital!: I walk you through turning your paper creation into a pixel masterpiece. We'll discuss both free and paid software.

Day 10: 7. Keep Working! The start of the 30 Day #HYBLChallenge! You'll get daily prompts to keep your hands busy.

Day 40: The End: WOW! You did it! I'll check in one last time to see if you need anything.

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Ok, so what happens when you click that Purchase button?

  1. You'll put in your payment info and you'll purchase a Digital Download.
  2. In your confirmation email, you will have a link to a download called "HYBLC - Students" 
  3. Click it and enter your info for the course!
  4. You'll get your first email within a few minutes!
  5. On Day 10 you'll receive a secret password. You'll get access to the entire course all in one place, and you'll have access to the course and any updates forever. Yep. Forever.