Recline Collab

Recline Collab


*This necklace was designed and created in collaboration with Erika Gibson of Erika Gibson Studios. She's fabulous and you should check her out*

Pull the car in. Unlock the front door. Purse down. Keys away. In the bedroom, you strip your exterior persona for something more relaxed. You transform.

Not everything is about moving forward. Not everything is about moving at all. Sometimes the most important thing is to stop moving. To look around. To admire all that you've built.

Escape the hustle and recline into an overstuffed couch. Escape your thoughts and recline into a warm, candlelit, bubble bath. Escape and recline.

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  • Handmade ceramic pendant with concrete fill
  • Glazed with a marbled blue and purple glaze
  • Adjustable black leather cord (20"-30")
  • Sealed to prevent tarnish and stains
  • Pendant measures about 2.5 inches long
  • As with all jewelry, keep away from water