Ok, have you ever wondered: "why does my cat make so much noise at night?" Well you aren't alone. Apparently internet had the same question, and a real-life Veterinary Professional, like went to school for years, got a degree and everything, said that one possible explanation is: "zest for life".  If only we could all have as much zest as our cats.

Inspired by the lemon zest in your favorite cocktail.

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  • One of a kind copper and concrete pendant on a dark brown leather cord
  • 30” length, no clasp, large enough to slip over your head
  • Length can be adjusted upon request at no extra cost.
  • Please email me after your order to make adjustments.
  • Sealed to prevent tarnish and stains
  • Pendant measures about 1 inch wide and 2.5 inches long.
  • As with all jewelry, keep away from water.

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